In an effort to support others and also keep track of so much information at this time, I made a list of resources for those in helping professions. This is partially a list of lists, but not totally. I embedded links in the bolded titles.

Just a friendly reminder: Have you told yourself or someone else, “you are good at your job”? I like to tell my MSW friends “you are a good social worker!”

Resources for Parents (Talking to Kids about the Virus)


  • NASW Coronavirus Resource Page ( So helpful! The NASW created a page for the Coronavirus with links to helpful information about self-care, telehealth, ethical considerations, and webinars.
  • Self-Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic (NASW). You would get to this page if you click on self care from the NASW Coronavirus resource page, but this page has suggested podcasts and other free self-care resources
  • State Chapters (no link here). As you will see below, the NASW California chapter has a resource list. From what I can see, others do too! Check your state’s chapter for a list.

California-Specific Resources

  • One Degree ( One Degree made a resource list for clients in San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Areas.
  • NASW California Chapter. I believe other states have their own NASW page with resources listed. Here is the one for California.

Please let me know if you have other resources and what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future!

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