What’s in My Social Work-Bag? For Social Workers with No Office

Recently, I got a new job, and I do have to travel a bit to clients. Not too much driving yet because of the pandemic, but it has already made me think I need to up my social work bag (backpack) game.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share a few things I carry in my bag, have carried in my bag, or plan to carry in my bag. I work with children, but I realize not everyone does, so I have separated my list into two categories (good for any population, and good for working with children).

Good ideas no matter the population

  • Portable Charger – The worst thing is having your phone run low on battery on a busy day
  • Tissues – For clients or for you
  • Hand Sanitizer – You never know when you will need it
  • Snack – A light snack for long days
  • Ibuprofen (or any over-the-counter medication you might need) – We get headaches, or have pain from sitting, so pain meds might help us.
  • Extra black pens – For signing paperwork, writing notes, etc
  • Info Sheets (ie from Facts for Families) – Printables that might help you with psychoeducation
  • Therapeutic Worksheets (ie from Therapist Aid) – For when we need a last-minute therapeutic intervention
  • Cash – Just for emergencies (ie you need to buy lunch and forgot your card)

If I’m working with kids…

  • Blank paper – For drawing, making stories, therapeutic interventions, etc
  • Colored pencils – For kid activities!
  • Coloring pages – Kids like having something to do when talking!
  • Fidget Cube – Again, kids like having something to do when talking!
  • Playing Cards – Whether it’s uno or regular playing cards, cards are easily portable for games

Please let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future!

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