As bilingual mental health workers, we are often left with a shortage of information in our non-English language. With Spanish being my second, language, I want to start sharing Spanish resources. Hope they help!

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Feeling Identification

First things first, you may find one of these videos helpful in talking about the importance of feeling identification:

  1. This is a short story about different emotions.

2. This is quite a long video, and it is mostly for fun. However, if you start at 7:17, he starts to talk about different emotions.

3. This video is good for teaching kiddos simply about the importance of learning to self-regulate.


Here are some relaxation videos that I have used with kiddos. I am sure there are many more but these are the ones I use.

  1. I think that this is a fun, short video that does a good job teaching kids about muscle relaxation

2. This video is less engaging that the first, but it is still a good guide for deep breathing.

3. This video is a good, simple, and short yoga routine that you can easily do with a kid client.

4. I like this one for explaining in a fun and colorful way “what is mindfulness?”

Just For Fun

Lots of kids enjoy fun song videos. Consider checking out Luli Pampin and watching them with your Spanish Speaking kiddos as a fun opener or reward (or both).

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