In an effort to continue to organize my social work tool kit, I made a list of websites that I have found valuable to me or have been recommended to me to visit.

But don’t forget to check other pages in this site for resource information like video lists and specific resources for various mental health concerns. Check the Resource tab or Video Lists tab.

Printables for Clients and Families/Parents

Managing Grief

  • Our House ( Our House offers resources like trainings, books, and free information regarding grief and how to handle grief (ie what to say to someone who is grieving). They also have a summer program in LA for minors going through the grieving process.
  • Good Grief ( Good grief offers resources like trainings, books, a Ted Talk, and free information regarding grief. It seems that Good Grief can also come to a school to educate on the grieving process (and facilitate a grief group).

Trauma and Abuse


Substance Use Education

Gang Involvement Resources

School Social Work

  • Erika’s Lighthouse ( Designed to help teach youth about depression, this website has many materials that can be downloaded and distributed (like the parent handbook on childhood and teen depression).
  • Edutopia ( This website provides videos and articles/tips for different topics: social and emotional learning, teacher development, project-based learning, + more.
  • Teaching Tolerance ( For K-12 school personnel like school social workers. You can find resources to help build a positive school environment. They even have posters you can download and print.
  • Stop Bullying ( This site is full of information about bullying. Additionally, it has links for videos and related resources.
  • PBIS World ( This site allows you to view different PBIS interventions for different behavior areas.
  • Go Zen ( This site offers some (paid and free) resources particularly for anger, stress, and negativity.

Older Adults

Health and Wellness

  • National Institutes of Health ( If you click Health Information > Community Resources, you can find wellness toolkits that talk about caring for your wellness (ie relationships, emotions) in English and Spanish.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( The CDC has information regarding health and wellness concerns for different populations. For those who work with infants or parents of infants, they have a 0-5 developmental checklist that you can print.

Clinical Tools

Non-Clinical Tools


Note: This article contains links, but I am not associated with any of these sites (except, of course, my Pinterest page). I am listing them for informational purposes.

Please comment if you have any other website that you use often  AND What articles would you like to see in the future?

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Last updated January 24, 2021.