Happy End of January everyone! Time is flying. It’s crazy. I hope you are well reading this.

Self-Care 2021: Off To A Bad Start

I was recently asked “What will it take to get you to take a break?” Why? Because I got COVID (with symptoms), and I didn’t take sick leave… Not my best idea. 

You know what? That person was right. I needed the break and I didn’t take it. I need to accept that things will get handled without me. And on another note, I would just like to not feel tired all the time. 

I could tell you all the reasons why I chose not to call out sick/take leave… but reinforcing my unhealthy thought process can’t be good for anyone. 

What I will say, however, is that on top of getting sick, there were certainly LOTS of other stressors already this January… I, like everyone else, need some self-care.

My Plan For Self Care

I want to have realistic self-care goals. Also, I don’t want to have too many, because I won’t follow through. Here goes nothing:

  • Work out OR stretch 3-4x/Week
  • Eat at least 2 full meals (A full breakfast and dinner at least) EVERYDAY
  • Sit down to read or watch tv without checking my phone for 20-30 minutes EVERYDAY


I will keep updates here for my reference (and to be held accountable).

1/30/2021: So far, I am proud to report I’m meeting all three goals. 

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