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Hi! If you checked out my Instagram Reel Series “What’s In My Bag?” you might have wondered where to get some of the items. Below, you can find the first of the three reels and links to most of the items (or dupes if I could not find the exact item).

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  1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – A fun game and a great game for developing executive functioning skills
  2. Uno
  3. Uno Flip
  4. Spot It
  5. Five Crowns
  6. Deck of Cards
  7. TableTopics Teen – These are good conversation starters, though I did remove some questions that served little rapport-building or mental health exploration purposes.


  1. VCOSTORE Dodecagon Fidget Cube – If I had to pick just one fidget, I would pick this one as it is BY FAR the favorite of my clients of all ages.
  2. Pop Fidget Sensory Toys
  3. Finger Puppets – Surprisingly more popular than I thought they would be
  4. Mochi Animal Squishies
  5. Hedgehog Finger Rings
  6. Mini Pop It Keychains
  7. Marble Mesh Toy
  8. Bamboo Finger Traps

Personal Items

  1. coowoz Large Travel Backpack – The current backpack I am using to fit everything
  2. Travel Pill Box – I have needed to have Benadryl on hand for my allergies and things like Ibuprofen so a travel pill box is helpful for me.
  3. Mini First Aid (ex. bandages)
  4. Tissue Packs
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Travel Poo-Pouri
  7. Shout Wipe and Go Instant Stain Remover – Handy as someone who spills food on herself constantly
  8. Crate on Wheels with Lid – For the year that I REALLY wanted to be the Mary Poppins of social workers.
  9. Liquid IV – For hydration because it is hot in California.
  10. Handheld Fan – Again, because it is often hot in California

Thank you for reading and I hope something was helpful!

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