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A resource where I simply write out my thoughts in the hopes that:

– You feel less alone

– I feel less alone

– We both are pushed to consider new opinions



Erica Cardenas, LCSW


Journal #13: Updated Self-Care Goals

Happy End of January everyone! Time is flying. It’s crazy. I hope you are well reading this. Self-Care 2021: Off To A Bad Start I was recently asked “What will it take to get you to take a break?” Why? Because I got COVID (with symptoms), and I didn’t take sick leave…...

Journal #11: Creativity Is Key

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but lately, I have been flying off the seat of my pants in my sessions. That is, I have not had the time to plan for sessions. Further, sometimes we just get into a lull with clients, particularly children clients I think. I think I...

Journal #10: Thoughts on Self Care

As we all continue to be in stressful times, I have some thoughts on self care. Over the past few weeks, it feels like the topic of self care has come up so much with co-workers, clients, friends, and family. However, I keep noticing the kind of narrow lens that many...

Journal #9: Work-Life Balance

If I'm being honest, I've dropped a lot of balls lately. I definitely dropped the ball with this blog and the Instagram that goes along with it. I try to put clients first, but even then sometimes it's hard to fit in some calls that I need to make. And of course, my...

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